Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Washington University is out-of-place in the Midwest

According to a story in today's St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Washington University in St. Louis will ban sales of bottled water on campus beginning this fall.  This latest plan to save the planet is the brainchild of Matt Malten, the university's assistant vice chancellor for (get this) "sustainability."

Yep, since, according to Malten, "it costs society a lot more in energy and expense to bottle water than to have students head for the nearest hallway drinking fountain" Wash. U. students will no longer have the choice.  

What about students who don't want to drink out of the nasty public fountain?  They're left to carry water from home or buy a soft drink, which, of course, is also bottled "planet-killing" containers.  How ridiculous.

Liberalism reigns on college campuses nationwide - and has for decades - but this sort of idiocy seems like something that should be coming from the Northeast.  Washington University really should be in Massachusetts.


Anonymous said...

Try going to school there!


Anonymous said...

We still have plenty of bottled water over on the Wash U Med School campus.
And I always throw away my empties in the trash instead of the recycling bins, just to be a jerk.
Just my little way of stickin' it to the Man.