Sunday, November 23, 2008

The election is OVER . . . remove your bumper stickers, please!

Elisa Crouch and Ken Leiser at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch hit the nail on the head today writing that "with the election in the rear-view mirror, it's time to do something about those bumper stickers.  . . . It's time to move on."

Hear hear!

Why on earth would anybody want to continue to campaign for a candidate when the election is finished?  The winners don't need your help and the losers can't use your support.

If you've still got an Obama sticker . . . why?  Are you just gloating?  Do you think that it makes you cool?  You supported the winner . . . yippee!  So did, unfortunately, lots of other people.  But most of them are smart enough to realize that your guy's performance in office over the next four years will have significantly more influence on the 2012 election than a sticker on the back of their Prius.  

And if you've still got a McCain sticker . . . why?  Are you so in need of attention that you seek out the amused looks, jeers, and taunts of Democrats buoyed by their candidate kicking your man's you-know-what?  Maybe you just don't want to be blamed for all the bad things that you think will happen when Obama takes office.  Well, guess what, nobody's going to blame you.  Nobody cares about who you voted for.  And why you'd want to continue to tout your support for the RINO who took the GOP down to defeat is beyond me.  It wouldn't surprise me if you still had a Rams jersey on your Christmas list.

And if you're still driving around with a bumper sticker from 2004 or before, you're in serious need of professional help.

The time has come.  Shed the campaign stickers America.

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