Monday, November 3, 2008

Just in case you haven't decided to vote for . . .

take a look at this ultrasound image of a live human being inside a mother's womb.  

Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Jay Nixon, along with the overwhelming majority of Democrats running for office wherever you might be voting support killing children just like this one.

John McCain, Sarah Palin, and Kenny Hulshof, along with the overwhelming majority of Republicans running for office wherever you might be voting support keeping children just like this one alive.

I'll be voting for McCain, Palin, Hulshof, and Republican candidates up and down the ballot tomorrow.

For the sake of millions of Americans yet unborn, I hope that you will join me.


Cindy said...
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NewClouds said...

Women have the right to choose what to do with their bodies.

McCain's an old douchebag, with old douchebag opinions. And Palin is just insane.

cmziall said...


God created our bodies and they are temples of the Holy Spirit. . .we do not own our bodies and while God gives us free will we need to pray and discern what God wants from us and I GUARANTEE you, it's not to kill the baby inside your womb!

I will say a prayer for you today that you have a change of heart to appreciate the sacredness of LIFE.

Sharon said...

Amen cousin!

Latinmassgirl said...


You obviously have your head in the clouds! In case you know anything about science, because of our inferior government run "education" system, an unborn human baby is not a PART of the mother's body! They are separate human beings, with separate organs, brain, DNA and a SOUL.

So, that lame argument doesn't fly with anyone whom knows ANYTHING. Hint: can you see this BABY in the ultrasound. It looks like around 25-35 weeks along. This baby can be brutally suctioned apart, limb by limb while resting in its mother's womb!!!

There is also partial birth abortion, which has been outlawed in some states. Now, that is delivering the child all accept the head and then stabbing them and suctioning out their brains.

Dear head-in-the-clouds, did you ever wonder why the abortionists have to go to all of that trouble to remove a "part of the woman's body"? My husband had his gull bladder removed, and they just cut it out! If he waited a few weeks longer it wouldn't have miraculously turned into an infant - really!!

mp said...

Hey to all of you conservatives out there reading this blog. VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't pay attention to the lying exit polls. Remember the Florida Pan Handle two years ago? The liberal media called Florida one hour before their polls closed and it is estimated that 3 million Republicans didn't vote! (They compared the results with the next year's election.)


Liberals, remember, you can only vote ONCE!
Unlike the man interviewed on CNN whom said he was so excited about the election that he went back and voted a couple more times!

To which the reporter said, " I think that is illegal, but that's OKAY." That is what happens when you get "journalists" trained by the liberals "Universities."

dameon said...

Newclouds needs some help. Her blog is very sad.

St. Louis Conservative said...

Newclouds, I actually agree with the first sentence of your comment. Women do have the right to choose what to do with their bodies. But they don't have the right to choose what to do with the body of their son or daughter whether that baby is living and growing inside a womb or living and growing in the bedroom down the hall.

As far as the second and third sentences go, quite intelligent. Name calling. You do need some professional help.