Tuesday, May 19, 2009

KSDK - Journalism?

This is the state of journalism today.  "News"channel 5 hyped a story that would expose corporate greed at Anheuser-Busch.  I watched in the hopes that the hype was true.  I've lost my loyalty to and taste for their products since those products are no longer "local."  It would have solidified the sour taste that Budweiser leaves in my mouth.

Instead, the hype was nothing but hype.  Get this, the A-B Human Resources Department held a meeting at a company owned facility located at Lake of the Ozarks.  While there, they took a ride on the company yacht where they "chatted [I suppose they should have sat in silent protest of something or another], drank [shocker! they all work for a brewery] and cruised the lake [what else would you do on a boat?]."

According to the source called "Joe" in KSDK's I-Team report, "this is the face of corporate greed."  The entire meeting, by the way, cost about $1,400.00, according to A-B.

Sorry Joe, this isn't an example of corporate greed.  It is an example of yellow journalism and horrible so-called reporting.

Shouldn't somebody, a producer, anybody, have recognized that this was a non-story before it aired.

What really makes me mad is that I was duped by the hype and wasted my time watching the "news" on Channel 5 when I could have been watching Two and a Half Men on Channel 11.


Dameon said...

They did a follow-up Wednesday night. 60% of their feedback on this story agreed with you that it is a non-story.

One respondent said they spent a total of $1400 on this trip, or $50 per person.

That's not corporate excess.

MP said...

Who are the media or us, for that matter to be the big brother of every company, telling them what to do? I don't want our government running privately owned companies, telling them how much to spend on advertising. I am also not interested in witch hunts for every company that takes a jet to hold a meeting out of town.

I'm referring to the media, not this blogger's comments.

St. Louis Conservative said...

Well said MP. Well said.