Monday, January 12, 2009

If you're a Socialist - Be Loud! Be Proud!

Throughout the presidential campaign, it was taboo to refer to Barack Obama as a socialist.  Mentioning the "S"-word drew harsh criticism.

But that's what Obama - his advisors - and liberals everywhere are . . . socialists.  They just don't wan to be associated with the negatives associated with the label.

Here's the latest example:  Carol Browner has been tapped to serve Obama as his "global warming czar."  She's a socialist and, in fact, served as one of a handful of leaders on Socialist International's Commission for a Sustainable World Society.  One that, according to the Washington Times, supports "global governance," shrinking the size of "rich" countries' economies, and "punitive limits on greenhouse gas emissions."

Being a socialist does not make Browner evil - necessarily.  And the Obama camp has no problem with her membership in a socialist organization.

Why, then, was her "name and biography been removed from Socialist International's web page" last week?

Because Browner and Obama, like all American socialists, are afraid of showing their true colors.  Americans are intelligent enough (still) to recognize that socialism is a failed experiment and throw its proponents out on their ears - or at least prevent implementation of their policy goals.  Better - they feel - to disguise themselves as "moderates" and pass their agendas by stealth.

Enough already.  Stop trying to trick us.  Believe it or not, Americans are vigilant.  So if you want to implement a socialist agenda, just say so.  If you think you've got the best ideas - stand up and say so.

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