Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Amazing timing . . . don't you think?

Barack Obama took office yesterday and is spending his first full day as president today.  And today - of all days - we see a story from the Associated Press bearing the headline "President can't always control unemployment rate."  (Link here.)  

"Presidents don't have much control over either the number of new jobs or the number of people looking for work," writes Ellen Simon.

Simon is right, of course, but that might come as a shock to anyone who read the newspapers or watched network news in 2008.  Wasn't everything bad in the economy President Bush's fault?  And didn't Barack Obama have a fail-safe plan to create jobs for everyone?

But that, of course, was Big Media's template to get Obama elected.  Now their job is to lower expectations since, they all know, Obama can't deliver on his campaign promises.  And neither the AP nor the Democrats (redundant, I know) want Americans to realize they were snowed.

The audacity of liberals never ceases to amaze me.

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Anonymous said...

and the stupidity of people who believe the lies fed to them by the liberal politicians. . .