Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hail to the Chief

Barack Obama is now President of the United States.  Like it or not.

Today was a historic day.  A black man has assumed the highest office in America.  While for many, Martin Luther King's dream may not have been realized, Obama has proven that the dream is possible for all.  Maybe it is time for hope that all Americans (white, brown, black, or any other shade) will focus on the contents of their own character rather than the color of their own skin.

I do not support many of the policies that Barack Obama campaigned on or now stands for.  But he deserves two things at this point; and I'm willing to give him both . . .  

One:  Respect.  Even if not for the sake of the man who holds the office then for the office itself.

Two:  A Chance.  Obama walks like a socialist and talks like a socialist - whenever he talks beyond platitudes anyway - but until he exercises his new office like a socialist, let's hold out whatever hope we can that his views moderate when faced with reality.

A change has come.  And significant change is likely coming.  I just wish that it was change I could believe in.


thetimman said...

You can't say with certainty that he is, in fact, President. He may be an usurper.

All it takes is a $12.50 certified birth certificate to find out.

St. Louis Conservative said...

The man is in office and functioning as President. Power has been transferred. Obama has the football. Whether he has usurped the office or arrived there with a constitutional right to be president, he is the President - whether or not you, me, or Alan Keyes like it. Until something changes, we'd all better learn to live with it.

Dameon said...

Dude, that's all been vetted. Do you think he would have actually gotten this far if he han't shown proof of being a natural born citizen?

Ya, the entire Republican Party, not to mention his Democratic challengers, failed to look up his birth records.


You'd be closer to the truth to call W a usurper, given the controversy over votes in Florida in 2000 & Ohio in 2004.

Latinmassgirl said...


There wasn't any real controversy in the votes for Bush! All that Florida fiasco was the Democrats trying to STEAL the election again, like they did in New Hampshire in 1974 for the Senate and for the Indiana House race in 1984. And Al Franken is trying to steal the election now in Minnesota. Even the Democratic loving media had to admit Bush won in their recount.

dameon said...

Alas, there *WAS* a controversy. I didn't say Bush didn't win.

There is *no* controversy this time - thetimman is trying to invent one.

LMG said...


Just because the main stream media is SILENT about this does not mean that there isn't controversy. I think this case waiting on the Supreme Court docket proves there are legitimate questions and controversy.