Friday, January 16, 2009

The Big Fat Who Cares Department Lives

After the election of Barack Obama, SLC thought (silly me) that the leftists in Hollywood would keep their mouths shut for a while.  I even considered closing down the Big Fat Who Cares Department as a budget cutting measure.  But, alas, they are still needed.

Tom Hanks is the subject today.  He's lashed out at people of the Mormon faith who backed Proposition 8 in California . . . calling them "un-American."  (Link to story here.)  I thought that America was about freedom of thought, opinion, expression, and political advocacy no matter which side of an issue citizens of any or no faith were on.  Apparently, Mr. Hanks disagrees.  At least on the issue of gay marriage, says Hanks, it is "un-American" to disagree with him . . . especially if you're a Mormon.

Tom Hanks is a great actor - no doubt - but I could care less about his opinion on political or social matters.  His name is known to us all because he can act, not because he's particularly intelligent or insightful.

Whether you agree with him (or the rest of Hollywood) on Proposition 8 or not, I hope that you'll agree that Tom Hanks should shut up and go make a sequel to Bachelor Party.

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thetimman said...

Congratulations for capturing Mr. Hanks in his finest role.