Monday, January 12, 2009

Guess what? If you ran a Google search to find this blog, you're destroying the planet.

Here's the latest . . . running a Google search generates carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas emitted into our atmosphere, which is causing climate change, and - of course - destroying planet Earth.

That's, of course, the latest hogwash from the global warming nuts.


dameon said...

The victim of this article is Google. Being singled out like that when there are thousands of other internet companies who's carbon emissions as the result of one user's activity is the same or higher, aside from the fact that it is a miniscule amount anyway - insignificant in the big picture.

The article glosses over the fact that just running your computer to get to Google's web site contributes the largest component of the carbon emission they attribute to a Google search.

St. Louis Conservative said...

True, of course. But I couldn't find a funny cartoon to make such a salient point.

tarot readers said...

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