Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random thoughts on the State of the Union

To any of you who want my exhaustive opinion of the State of the Union address delivered earlier this evening by Barack Obama, I am sorry.  I can't oblige.  I can't stomach the soaring oratory - soaring over the truth that is.

I did tune in long enough (during a commercial break from Friends re-run on TBS) to see Obama blaming George W. Bush for all our woes, even though the deficit more than tripled in the first year of Obama's presidency.  But, of course, we should all know, sayeth the president, things would be so much worse if he (and the Congress - with its big Democrat majorities) hadn't spent all our money.

Now, after the speech, I'm seeing the headlines that Obama declared, "I don't quit."  My first reaction . . . darn, that's too bad.  My second reaction . . . even if he did, would Joe Biden be any better.  I can't imagine he'd be worse.  But better?  My third reaction . . . it is amazing that the thought of quitting the presidency could appear in a man's first State of the Union address.  I don't think things have worked out quite like Barry thought they would.

But, by far, the most noteworthy thing from my, admittedly limited, viewing of tonight's speech was Joe Biden's persistent practice of nodding in agreement after nearly every sentence uttered.  I swear I saw the man nod his head in the background more times than I saw him blink!  I hope he didn't get a concussion.

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