Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Liberals Just Won't Quit

Like the zombies in Michael Jackson's Thriller, the Democrats just won't quit.  Even after losing Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat in deep blue Massachusetts, Nancy Pelosi and her party pals aren't ready to give up on Obamacare.  "We will move on many fronts - - any front we can," said the Speaker of the House and - until we throw the Democrats out of office in the next election - third in line to the presidency, "we are going to get [so called] healthcare reform passed for the American people [whether they want it or not]."  (Link to story here.)

What do you think "any front we can" means?  Political shenanigans, of course.  Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama are still looking for ways to ram socialized medicine through before the November elections and the seating of a new Congress in January.  Be watchful.  Ethics and rules won't stop these people.  And they won't quit - they're like zombies.

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