Thursday, April 9, 2009

Senator Claire McCaskill flip-flops on illegal immigration

Back in 2007, I gave Missouri's junior senator props for voting against the Washington elite's bipartisan, anti-American, amnesty bill for illegal immigrants.  But now Claire McCaskill is seems to have turned in her independence, and her respect for the law, by flip-flopping on the so-called "DREAM Act."  (Link to story here.)

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, this measure "would allow millions of illegal aliens who meet a very loose definition of 'student' to qualify for green cards" and in-state tuition.  Then, those students receiving green cards could "petition the government to grant their parents and relatives legal status too."

I believe in immigration.  After all, it is more than a cliche, it is the truth to say that this nation is a nation of immigrants.  However, it was a nation of legal immigrants.  And it must remain so.

Individuals who fail to follow the law should not receive a benefit.  Individuals who enter the United States illegally or overstay their legal welcome should not be rewarded with green cards, or anything but a plane, bus, or boat ticket home.

In 2007, Claire McCaskill listened to Missourians and voted to defend American law.  If we scream loud enough again, maybe she'll listen again, snap out of it, and remember that she should be working for you and me, not Barack Obama.  If she doesn't, let me be the first to congratulate Sarah Steelman on her defeat of McCaskill in 2012.

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