Thursday, April 16, 2009

Barack Obama . . . covering up Christianity

President Obama gave a speech in Gaston Hall at Georgetown University (a Catholic institution, by the way).  

Here's a photo of what Gaston Hall normally looks like:

And here it is, "decorated" for Obama:

Notice anything missing?  Or should I say covered up with black-painted plywood?

That's right.  The cross and the "IHS" monogram, symbolic of the name of Jesus.  They were covered at the request of the White House.  (Link to story here.)

The president wouldn't want to be photographed around too much evidence of Christianity, I suppose.  

Who knows, doing that might have gotten his name on a watch list at the Department of Homeland Security.

(Credit where credit is due.  The photos used here were found at this link.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing the photos. I was okay with the White House's reasoning of "always doing policy speeches in front of the blue draping and American flags".

Seeing that the IHS really was just covered with black plywood shos the intent was to remove Christian imagery.

St. Louis Conservative said...

You're welcome.