Thursday, April 23, 2009

Babies Killing Babies

Your Federal Government, through the FDA, has determined that it is okay for 17-year-old children to obtain abortion pills without even a parent's consent.  It is now legally permissible for children across this land to kill other children.  (Link to story here.)

Aren't you proud of yourself America?


thetimman said...

Obama tells me it's ok, so it's ok.

All hail the Obama!

MP said...

Obama is moving fast to destroy our country!

It is so amazing to me that these so-called women's groups support this.

Parents who favor this atrocity are in a sense putting a sign on their daughter that reads, "My body is free, and available for my next boyfriend, or even an older man, such as a teacher can use me. No need to worry about repercussions."