Thursday, March 19, 2009

U.N. Taxation = Global Government . . . Just Say No!

Some friends have called me naive because I've discounted the conspiracy theories claiming that this policy or that policy is a purposeful step by some shady international cabal toward their ultimate goal of a single world government.  But today even I am worried about national sovereignty . . .

The United Nations Environment Program ("UNEP") will be presenting a report to world leaders in London on April 2 calling for a $750 billion "Global Green New Deal."  (Link to story here.)  The program itself, though massive in scale, is just more of the typical environmentalist gibberish about energy efficient buildings, renewable energy, and the like.  

But the scary part is the suggestion by UNEP's Executive Director that the U.N. levy a tax on oil to pay for the program.  

An international organization with the power to levy taxes on citizens of "independent" nations?  Is one-world government really that far away?

The sovereign nations of the world must draw the line . . . just say no to U.N. taxes.

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Must... repress... urge... to... tell... Tim...he's...riiiight......