Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A sign of things to come?

Governments borrow money by selling bonds.  The United Kingdom tried to sell enough bonds to raise 1.75 billion pounds ($2.55 billion) and failed.  There weren't enough investors.  (Link to story here.)

The United States is planning on going deeper and deeper into debt with repeated stimulus plans and bailouts, not to mention Barack Obama's big government programs.  What is going to happen when our government tries to borrow billions or trillions and investors can't be found?

I can think of only three possible answers . . . massive cutbacks on government spending, enormous tax increases, and/or printing piles of new money.

Cutting government spending could be a good thing, but probably won't be when you see who would get to decide what to cut and what not to cut.  Big tax increases would be unbearable and send our economy spiraling even further downward.  And printing money would, of course, make the money that we have accumulated so far worth a heck of a lot less.

The time has come for the United States of America to discover responsibility again.  We have to stop - right now - spending what we don't have.  We've got to stop paying to send our troops around the world to act as a police force or a tripwire.  We've got to stop sending money we don't have as financial aid to other countries.  We don't have the luxury to pay for every program or idea, domestic or international, that sounds like it might be beneficial.  

It is time, actually it is far past time, to tighten the government's belt.  If the folks in D.C. won't do it, we should toss them out on their collective ears as soon as possible and replace them with someone who knows what it means to say no.

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