Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lessons in economics . . . from China

I was intrigued by this story about car sales in China.  Despite global economic woes, they "surged" 25% last month.  Why?  The government cut taxes on auto sales.

Even Red China knows that tax cuts stimulate the economy.  Maybe our president and the Democrats leading Congress will learn a lesson.


thetimman said...

Maybe. He is a Maoist in every other circumstance...

Dameon said...

I believe there is way too much effort being put in to manipulating the market it a bull, and not enough time spent waiting for it to self correct.

We're so scared of another "Great Depression" that we've spent the last 20-30 years puting stilts under the market to keep it from colapsing.

It had to readjust and balance itself. The sooner we stop trying to reverse coarse, the sooner it will hit bottom and come back up on it's own.

Once everyone gets over their panic, they'll see that it's a great time to buy - everything is for sale right now.

Latinmassgirl said...

Obama and the tax and spend Democrats are not stupid. They know cutting taxes will stimulate the economy. They do not want to stimulate the economy, however, because that would be the end of what Obama has been trained to do during his community organizing days following the radical Saul Alinsky.

He and many of the Democrats sadly believe that Utopia is total control by the Government and dependence on it by the people. Marxism is their religion, and the demise of our constitution and freedoms in America is their goal.

Martin said...
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Canada Life Insurance said...

Wow, 25%, that number shocked me. I knew that with all the tax cuts and discounts and all the government aids the sales will go up but that is a large number. People sure did take advantage of it but it seems to me that the situation can't be that bad since the sales went up so much. I'm sure this helped the economy get more money and start it up and yes it would have started up by itself eventually too but not why speed it up when we see it had a pretty good result.

Take care, Lorne