Thursday, February 21, 2008

New York Times Now Slams McCain. Surprised?

Today the "venerable and respected" New York Times hit John McCain with a front page story questioning his integrity and all but accusing him of handing out political favors to a female lobbyist that he was sleeping with.  This particular hit piece was apparently in the works for months and the scandal is eight years old.  So why is it news now and not months ago?

It is news to the Times only now because McCain has only recently knocked out his conservative opponents and wrapped up the Republican nomination for president.  When McCain was running against conservative contenders in the GOP primaries he counted on the help of big media (like the New York Times) and liberal Democrats (like the staff at the New York Times) to push him over the top.  Don't forget that the Times endorsed McCain in January.  While McCain was running against real Republicans, he was the liberal media's choice.  Now that he's ready to run against a Democrat, big media has turned on him.

If anybody is surprised by that, they shouldn't be.  They should just be reading this blog.  Just take a look at the first story that I ever posted here, "Super Tuesday or Super Tragedy?"  To quote myself, "his friends in the media aren't going to support him over Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama."  Too bad that Republican primary voters didn't see this coming.

John McCain sold his soul to the left to secure this nomination.  He gathered support and votes from institutions and voters who never wanted him to win the presidency, just the nomination.  And those folks accomplished their goal . . . there is no viable conservative left in the run for the White House.

If McCain's goal was to win the nomination so that it would look good in his obituary, he met his goal too.  On the other hand, if his goal was to actually be president, his courting of liberals and "moderates" was a huge mistake.

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