Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hillary's Apparent Demise A Mixed Bag

Tonight the Drudge Report claims that some in Hillary Clinton's campaign are acknowledging that it will be difficult for her to catch Barak Obama in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.  First of all, I'll believe it when I see it.  I'm not ready to count Clinton out.

But let's assume that Hillary's quest to return to the White House (and Bill's quest to return to the Lincoln bedroom) does fail.  Should conservatives be happy or sad?  I think the answer is both.

On the one hand, Hillary Clinton is a true liberal.  Her politics are so far left that I cannot imagine any legitimate candidate who would make a worse president.  But on the other hand, Obama is the great unknown.  He does not have the track record to scrutinize and criticize that Hillary does but what he has done has been far left also.  He's the great unknown.  Is the unknown who is probably an extreme leftist better than the known extreme leftist?  Probably, because at least there is a remote chance that I'm wrong about him.

But the Republican party nominee would probably have a better chance against Hillary than Obama.  She's a divisive figure who stirs up all kinds of negative emotions.  No matter who the nominee is - even if it is Democrat wannabee John McCain - many conservatives would come to the polls just to vote against Hillary.  Obama doesn't stir the same emotions.  

There's no guarantee, however, that Hillary would lose to any Republican running this year so seeing her defeated now may be better than taking the chance that she could win in the general election.  And that is the tipping point, with no guarantee of a GOP victory over Clinton this fall, I'll be smiling if and when the day comes that she drops out of or loses the race.
Sorry Hillary, anybody but you.

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