Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Washington University . . . the good and the very, very bad

Today, my wife and I had the extreme joy of seeing our baby on an ultrasound.  The facility where it was performed was operated by Washington University and staffed by its employees.  Our technician was kind, and wonderful.  And the sight of our unborn child was breathtaking, as it always is.  Life . . .  so small but so wonderfully real.  Thanks to Washington University for that.  It is good.

But seeing the Washington University Physicians logo on the ultrasound technician's lab coat reminding me of this entry I had noticed on a friend's blog a few days ago.  That post linked to one from Joe Ortwerth at the Missouri Family Policy Council's site.  The headline says it all . . . "Washington University Teams with Barnes Hospital to Train Abortionists."  For all the sad details, link here.


HB Mama said...

Congratulations on your new baby. Life is precious and a gift to be treasured.

It is a dirty little secret that Barnes has been performing abortions for many years. They aren't picketed because they are such an "upstanding hospital". I know that they are just as guilty of homicide by doctors as Planned Parenthood, because I am a victim myself of their shameful greed.

May the blood of innocent unborn victims never touch the hands of these future doctors at Wash. U. May they resist selling their souls to Satan.

Heartbroken Mama

St. Louis Conservative said...

Mama, I'm so sorry we live in a world where you, and so many others, could be victimized. My thoughts and prayers are with you - and those just like you.