Sunday, September 27, 2009

Neck-and-Neck . . . but looking good for Roy Blunt

Results were recently released for Rasmussen's survey of likely Missouri voters polled on September 21.  (Link to Political Fix blurb from the Post-Dispatch here; and poll details here.)  Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan are in a dead heat for the U.S. Senate in 2010 - tied with 46% of the vote.  Blunt has gained significant ground since the last-cited poll in April, which showed him way behind.  

But even better than the horse-race trend are the results of the other polling questions that Rasmussen asked of Missourians . . .

44% strongly disapprove of the job Barack Obama is doing as president (while just 30% strongly approve;

59% oppose Obamacare (48% strongly oppose it) and 51% believe that the quality of healthcare in America will get worse and 57% believe that costs will go up if the plan passes;

And 79% believe that taxes will have to be raised if Obamacare is implemented.

The long and short of this poll is this . . . Missouri is not liberal.  This is a conservative or, at the very least conservative-leaning state.  We don't (and shouldn't) trust Barack Obama.  It is no wonder that Robin Carnahan is nowhere to be see or heard.

2010 is vitally important.  Roy Blunt is vitally important.  Missouri can't afford to sent Obama and the Democrats another vote in the Senate.

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