Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama wants to end healthcare debate . . . me too!

I'm always pleased when Barack Obama and I agree on something.  Today, in his Labor Day speech in Cincinnati, the president said "every debate at some point comes to an end.  At some point, it's time to decide.  At some point, it's time to act.  Ohio, it's time to act and get this thing done."  (Link here.)

I agree completely.  It is time to stick a fork in Obamacare and call it done.

But let's dig a little deeper into Obama's statement.  He's calling for a vote on and, presumably, passage of "this thing" when nobody, nowhere, knows the details of the "thing" he's talking about.  The House has passed a bill; the Senate hasn't; and the president has proposed nothing.  The "public option" is on the table one day and off the table the next.

Doesn't calling for an end to debate at this point in time seem a bit ludicrous?

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