Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fox News Poll Shows Blunt by 8

Despite Robin Carnahan's efforts (if standing in a cow pen and propping up cardboard cutouts of her opponent, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi can be considered "efforts"), Roy Blunt has a commanding 8 point lead in the latest poll from Fox News.

That's the headline.  And it is great news.  But there is even better news in the poll results.  Missouri is breaking conservative!

58% of Missourians disapprove of Obama's performance as president (and 53% believe that Carnahan agrees with Obama too often).

A whopping 40% are "angry" about "the way the federal government is working."  Another 29% are "dissatisfied."

58% (again) want Obamacare repealed (while only 35% want to keep it in place).

And 51% of Missourians "support the Tea Party movement."

If this is what big media considers a "battleground" state, it is going to be a great November.

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