Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Liberals' last chance?

According to Politico, Barack Obama will tell senate Democrats that now is the "last chance" to pass healthcare "reform."  Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer says that if Obamacare fails he can't imagine another president trying again in the future.  "For those whose life's work is reforming health care," he said, "this may be the last train leaving the station."  V.P. Joe Biden chimes in saying that "if health care does not pass in this Congress . . . it's going to be kicked back for a generation."

The question that immediately jumps to my mind is . . . why?

If this "reform" is so necessary, so popular, and so right for the nation, why would failing to pass it before Christmas mean that the idea would be dead forever - or for a generation?

Well, the answer seems obvious.  Obamacare is not that necessary.  It certainly isn't popular.  And it is wrong for America.

If this fiasco was what the people wanted, the Washington leadership would want members to go home over the holiday recess to hear from constituents and solidify their resolve for the bill.  Who knows, even some Republicans might listen to the overwhelming masses of people who what this bill and come on board.  But they don't.  And that ought to tell you something.  If Democratic Senators spend some time back home this month, they might realize that their electoral fates hang in the balance and jump ship.  Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi don't want that - not a REPRESENTATIVE republic - no way - the masses don't know what's good for them.

Biden might be right.  He seems to realize that the next Congress, which will be sworn in after the 2010 elections, is not likely to be as Democrat blue.  Republicans are expected to gain seats in the House and Senate.

Keep the pressure on!  And let's actually kick socialized medicine back for a generation!

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thetimman said...

There is zero chance this monstrosity will not pass.