Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Pro-Life Protest you didn't hear . . . or hear about

Yesterday, I stumbled across a story about a national protest against abortion . . . the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity.  For the sixth straight year, "hundreds of thousands of students from thousands of schools around the world refused to speak [yesterday] to protest abortion.  (Link to post-protest story here.)  They took vows of silence to stand for one day "in silent solidarity" with the thousands of babies who, every day, "have their voices permanently silenced" and "never get the opportunity to speak."  To be seen, the protesters wrote the word "Life" on red duct tape and stuck it on their mouths or arms.  And to spread their message they passed out these fliers.

Kudos to the protesters.  Thank you all for standing up for the cause.

I'm sorry that until yesterday, I had not heard of this silent protest.  It deserves note.  And, it deserves coverage, but I couldn't find much of that on mainstream media sites via Google tonight.  It is as if the protest never happened.  But if five liberals show up to protest something it's front page news.  But I digress.

It seems like this protest effort is currently geared to student participation.  Could it be expanded?  What a statement would be made if everyone who believed in the Pro-Life cause stood together in silent protest one day?

It couldn't be ignored.

According to a banner on the protest organizer's web site, the Seventh Annual Pro-Life Day of Student Solidarity will be Tuesday, October 19, 2010.  (Link here.)  Can we all mark our calendars?

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