Friday, February 4, 2011

Will America have any allies left once this guy gets done?

After today's disclosure that the Obama administration sold out the people with whom we once had a special relationship; our closest (soon-to-be formerly closest?) allies . . . the British, I have my doubts.  Apparently, in order to placate the bear, we agreed to tell the Russians about all the nuclear weapons that the U.K. keeps in its arsenal.  Information that the U.K. holds as a state secret.  (Link to story here.)

Obama's got to go.  The incompetence (it's either that or anti-Americanism and I prefer to think positively) must end.  January 20, 2013, can't get here fast enough.  I just hope that there's enough respect for the United States left by then to salvage a coherent positive foreign policy.

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