Friday, January 28, 2011

Too Bad

Jim Talent, our state's one-time U.S. senator, won't be our state's next U.S. senator.  (Link to story here.)  And that's unfortunate.  Talent would be the best person for the job.  He has the experience, integrity, and conservative credentials to, again, be a great senator.  He is a man of honesty and integrity.  He is a man of intelligence ant thoughtfulness.  In fact, he's probably too intelligent and thoughtful for Congress.

While Talent would have been the best candidate to replace current senator Claire McCaskill, McCaskill should not rest too easy.  This is a reddish state already and one can sense the hue darkening.  Several formidable Republicans are ready to enter the GOP primary for a crack at McCaskill in 2012 - a year that Republicans statewide and nationwide are fired up and ready to take back the majority in the Senate and to take back the White House.  Ann Wagner, Sam Graves, Jo Ann Emerson, and Ed Martin have been mentioned.  And Sarah Steelman has already thrown her hat in the ring.  Just about the only Missouri Republican whose name hasn't been mentioned as a potential challenger for McCaskill is Brock Olivo.  But give him time.

When the crowded Republican primary heats up in Missouri, let's hope that it remains civil.  All of the GOP candidates should keep their eyes fixed on the true opposition in the race - McCaskill, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and the Democrats . . . not each other.  Keep in mind, all of you, that you agree on much more than you disagree.  Don't get personal and wound the winner so badly that he or she can't manage to win in the end.

As for Talent, I don't think he'll be getting bored without a race to run.  In addition to his other jobs and interests, it looks like he'll be keeping busy with the as-yet-unofficial Mitt Romney campaign for president. Good luck to you Jim - or should I say Secretary Talent?

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