Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Drawing the line on Political Correctness

There's a big day coming up on December 25.  Americans are in a festive mood.  Some cities, even, are celebrating with parades - tradition, you see.  But tradition is under attack by the forces of political correctness.  See, for example, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Apparently, Tulsa, for years, has hosted the "Christmas Parade of Lights."  But not anymore.  Instead, they are holding the "Holiday Parade of Lights."  (Just what holiday could that be?  I wonder.)

Enough already.  If a city wants to throw a Hanukkah Parade, be my guest.  If a city wants to throw a Kwanzaa Parade, have at it.  What the heck - if a city wants to throw a Festivus for the Rest of Us , go for it.

But by the same token, if the folks in Tulsa want to have a Christmas Parade, the easily offended and their "do-gooder" sympathizers should get out of the way.

Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe, the former mayor of Tulsa who participated in the parade for years, has drawn a line.  He refused to participate last year and won't again this year, or ever, until Christ is again recognized as the reason for the celebration.  (Link to story here.)

Well done Senator Inhofe.  Keep up the fight.

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