Thursday, December 9, 2010

Too Close for Comfort

The radical Islamist regime in control of Iran and the radical Communist regime in control of Venezuela have a common foe - us - and have become fast friends.  So far, the friendship of these two states has been a nuisance but it is about to become downright dangerous.

According to this articleDie Welt, a German newspaper, has reported that "Iran is planning to place medium range missiles on Venezuelan soil."  Iran will be building a military base in Venezuela and placing sort and medium range missiles there.  "If a missile base can be opened in Venezuela, many US cities will be able to be reached."

The United States faced a similar threat in 1962.  Lloyd Benson once said, famously, that Dan Quayle was no Jack Kennedy.  Is Barack Obama?


thetimman said...

Whose foreign policy drives them into each other's arms?

St. Louis Conservative said...

What do you think Timman? Since you're commenting Socratically, I'll have to simply assume that you've jumped on over to the "Blame America" crowd. I hope they treat you nicely.

But, the correct answer to your question, in my opinion is . . . their own foreign policies. Radical Islam and Radical Communism have politically isolated Iran and Venezuela to the point where they need each other.